Senior Linux System Administrator - Madrid


Expanding company needs to recruit a number of commited professionals, with a positive attitude and willing to face new professional challenges.


- Languages: CONVERSATION LEVEL ENGLISH (he/she will maintain phone calls with international customers). Conversation in other laguages will be valued.
- Advanced knowledge of: Linux, MySQL (sysadmin)
- Experience in mail server administration with the latest antispam tools
- Advanced networking skills (routing, firewalls)
- BASIC security knowledge
- We want a proactive, serious and responsible person...
- Ability for teamwork.

- Knowledge of Cloud Computing technologies (Amazon AWS, OpenStack, vCloud).
Experiencia 2 años
Puesto The position goes from incidence solving and phone or email support (usually technical staff), to development of big systems and/or security solutions for medium to large sized enterprises with great relevance in the online world.

If you are passionate about Internet and Linux, and you also want to break the tedious work routine where you don´t move forward in your job, this is your opportunity. If you have the basic requirements there is a high chance of learning the other cited technologies.

Solutions are both for national and international customers, so under preference there is the possibility to do some travelling.
Nivel profesional Empleado
Jornada Jornada completa
Tipo contrato A determinar
Funciones Administrador - Redes - Técnico de Sistemas
Tecnología Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, IPtables, fwbuilder, Nagios, Cacti, LXC, LVM, Nginx, Varnish, Lighttpd, ISPcp, Wordpress, Wikimedia, SVN, Postfix, Amavis, Dovecot, DKIM, SPF, HeartBeat, HAproxy, Bind, SpamAssassin, OpenVPN, Bash, Openstack