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The Virtual CALL Library (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/langc/CALL.html)
Webspañol's Software Area (http://users.why.net/macabut/webspan/)

Tools (16)

Most of the tools we show fall under the category of CALL. CALL stands for Computer Aided Language Learning. Almost all of them are focused on English speakers (they are marked with a blue dot [eng]). The ones for Spanish speakers are marked with a red dot [esp].

All the tools are referenced in the above lists.

CALLGEN (Computer Assisted Language Learning Exercise Generator) [eng]
URL: http://www.civeng.carleton.ca/SiSpain/course/down.html
Size: 157.7K
Platform: DOS
Licence: freeware
Language: English
Author/Company: William Gilby (University of Calgary, Canada) and financed by the Ministry of Multiculturalism and Citizenship, Canada, 1988
Description: Vocabulary and grammar exercises for Spanish beginners. Keeps a tally of your test scores so you can map your linguistic conquests.

Conjugue v2.0
Size: 1077K
Platform: DOS/Windows 3.1
Licence: shareware ($40)
Language: several
Author/Company: Tord E. Lindberg
Description: This tool claims to conjugate all the verbs in the following languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Swedem and Finnish.

Entente Spanish v1.5 [eng]
Size: 217.2K
Platform: DOS
Licence: freeware
Language: English/Spanish
Author/Company: Entente Corp. 1996
Description: Two-way English/Spanish conversational translator. Translates word for word and never conjugates, so its output often looks funny - but it's understandable. Might be useful as a correction exercise.

LinguaPro/Spanish v2.70 [eng]
URL: http://www-asds.doc.ic.ac.uk/VSL/File?archive=coast-msdos&file=langtutr%2flprsp270%2ezip&size=504708
Size: 504.7K
Platform: DOS
Licence: shareware ($40)
Language: English
Author/Company: Schulenberg & Associates, 1995
Description: Flashcard program for learning vocabulary, sentences/parts of speech or verbs (in complete sentences or a grammatical presentation), English <-> Spanish. It includes chunks of lessons lifted from the FSI's Basic Spanish Course (Latin American), plus a small dictionary and verb reference facility. Unregistered version has 138 of 9256 verbs and the first four of eighteen units from the FSI course. Units 19-55 are a registration option, as are units of a Castilian course.

MicroTac Spanish Language Assistant v1.83c [eng]
URL: http://users.why.net/macabut/webspan/spanware/files/spanish.zip
Size: 90K
Platform: DOS
Licence: shareware ($35)
Language: English
Author/Company: MicroTac, 1988
Description: A really useful program which helps with the conjugation of Spanish verbs in all fourteen tenses. It has an indexed verb-search feature in case you're not exactly sure of the Spanish spelling.

MicroTutor Language Teacher: Spanish I and II v2.3 [eng]
URL: http://www-asds.doc.ic.ac.uk/VSL/File?archive=coast-msdos&file=langtutr/span1-23.zip&size=60166 and http://www-asds.doc.ic.ac.uk/VSL/File?archive=coast-msdos&file=langtutr/span2-23.zip&size=57495
Size: 60.2K and 57.1K
Platform: DOS
Licence: shareware ($10)
Language: English
Author/Company: Micro Tutor Products, 1989
Description: Multiple choice and word translation drills of verbs, nouns, phrases and verb conjugation. Allows diagnostics, retesting and printed tests and includes a vocabulary look-up option. Registered copies can edit verbs, nouns and phrases to be tested and have more data files present at once.

Numero10 [eng]
URL: http://users.why.net/macabut/webspan/spanware/files/numero10.zip
Size: 18K
Platform: DOS/Windows 3.1
Licence: freeware
Language: English
Author/Company: José María Ortiz de Zárate, 1995
Description: A neat desktop program: type in numbers numerically and Numero10 answers alphabetically in Spanish.

Ortógrafo v1.1 [esp]
URL: ftp://ftp.etsimo.uniovi.es/pub/msdos/misc/ort.zip
Size: 1279.8K
Platform: DOS
Licence: shareware ($30)
Language: Spanish
Author/Company: Signum Cía. Ltda., 1996
Description: Spelling tool for Spanish claiming to recognise 5 million words, including verb conjugations (all times and modes) - there's also a 13000-verb conjugator and a hyphenator. It works with ASCII and Wordperfect 5.1 files, but a macro is included for Word for Windows.

Spanish Helper v1.6 [eng]
URL: ftp://ftp.pik.com/spanh16.zip
Size: 336.7
Platform: DOS
Licence: shareware ($30)
Language: English
Author/Company: Brad Blanchard and S. González, 1995
Description: Interactive quizzing system for vocabulary, multiple choice or gap-filling; it comes with the 1,000 most common Spanish words but allows entry of word lists. Shareware version contains level 1 only, with levels 2 and 3 when registered.

Spanish Instructional Programs v1.1 [eng]
URL: http://kcmo.com/language/aaspan11.zip
Size: 159K
Platform: DOS
Licence: shareware ($15)
Language: English
Author/Company: P.R. Yant, 1990
Package of rote learning programs to test vocabulary and verb conjugations.

Spell & Pronounce Spanish Words v1.5 [eng]
URL: http://www-asds.doc.ic.ac.uk/VSL/File?archive=coast-msdos&file=langtutr/spanwd15.zip&size=164865
Size: 164.9K
Platform: DOS
Licence: shareware ($25)
Language: English
Author/Company: Computer Specialties, 1992
Description: Basic flashcard-style vocabulary drill, covering 21 categories. Includes a pronunciation guide.

Talking Spanish for Windows v1.0 [eng]
URL: http://www-asds.doc.ic.ac.uk/VSL/File?archive=coast-win3&file=educate%2fspanish2%2ezip&size=1343488
Size: 1343.5K
Platform: DOS/Windows 3.1
Licence: shareware ($39)
Language: English
Author/Company: DareWare, 1995
Description: Early Spanish games for kids - say, read and spell in a bold and bright Sesame Street style.

Ultimate Language Tutor: Spanish v1.02 [eng]
URL: http://www-asds.doc.ic.ac.uk/VSL/File?archive=coast-msdos&file=langtutr%2fspnsh102%2ezip&size=95757
Size: 95.8K
Platform: DOS
Licence: shareware ($20)
Language: English
Author/Company: Ultimate Software, 1991
Drilling via multiple choice and bidirectional translation of nouns, verbs, phrases, verb conjugations etc. Allows up to 9 people to compete, graphs their results and permits more than one data library/language to be present. Registration means the user can create their own data files, and performance databases/reports can be produced.

Ultimate Language Tutor for Windows 95 v4.3 [eng]
URL: http://users.why.net/macabut/webspan/spanware/files/954lang43.zip
Size: 91.5K
Platform: Windows 95
Licence: shareware ($20)
Language: English
Author/Company: Ultimate Software, 1996
Description: A Spanish vocabulary learning and testing system with automated flash cards and test scores. With the registered version you can add vocabulary builders.

Ventanas: Spanish for Windows [eng]
URL: http://www.pslweb.com/ventanas.htm
Size: 1.9M
Platform: Windows 95
Licence: freeware (commercial version available)
Language: English
Author/Company: PsL, 1997
Description: An English<->Spanish dictionary and language tutor for Windows. The part of speech is shown for each word, and relevant phrases can be viewed (and edited). Complete conjugations can be displayed for any verb, and quizzes can be taken on these as well as broader vocabulary tests. The dictionary is categorised for quiz and definition purposes and can be edited.

VOC-SPA [eng]
URL: http://www-asds.doc.ic.ac.uk/VSL/File?archive=coast-msdos&file=langtutr/voc-spa1.zip&size=499031
Size: 499K
Platform: DOS
Licence: shareware ($25)
Language: English, French, Italian and German
Author/Company: J. Schumann, 1994
Description: DOS-based list of 1,000 common phrases and their translations from English, French, Italian or German - includes search facilities. Each phrase has a word gapped out of it which may be looked up. Registered version has 10,000 phrases.

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